12 dodicifacce is able to design, build and install noise monitoring networks based on cloud among the most innovative in the world.This cloud system allows you to publish and dispose of real-time datas on our portal It archives, displays and processes all the information acquired in a totally automatic way. 

The acoustic monitoring stations exist in several versions, with battery power (autonomy up to 3 weeks), power adapter, power supply or solar panel always - complete with meteo sensors (rain gauge, anemometer and wind direction), GPS Antenna, External 3G Antenna and Webcam for event detection. With the same technology we can design and build networks for monitoring of vibration, as for shipyards, railways, roads and similar infrastructures. 


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AMS01 is an outdoor advanced monitoring system based on type approved Class 1 sound level meter. The light-weight microphone protection kit can be easily installed on a mast with standard mounting threads. AMS01 is connected in real time to our own cloud portal.

The AMS01 station consists of:

  • Cabinet, modems and controllers, sound level meter Class 1
  • Local USB Interface
  • 3G Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • LAN connection
  • Weather Station including rain gauge, anemometer and wind direction
  • IP CAM for the recording of periodic frames and / or to the occurrence of events
  • max 4m high support stand
  • Protection from external microphone
  • extension cable 10 m

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To test the sound insulation of buildings, use of sound sources that meet the specific requirements of ISO technical standards. 12 dodicifacce has developed a system for the measurement of passive acoustic requirements. It integrates the most advanced features required for this type of equipment.

DF01 is a sound source composed of 12 speakers arranged on a chassis dodecahedral, able to radiate high-power sound energy in all directions. Directivity is compliance to ISO 3382. The sound source is integrated with a digital amplification system, which  provides equalized high power, that can adapt the system’s response to all the requirements of measurement.


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