12Dodicifacce acoustic engineers develop professional solutions and innovative products.  Our passion for music is what drives us.  Our fascination with sound is our motivation. Our R&D team, acoustic engineers and production workers have a common goal. They work to make sure the world sounds a little bit better every day. 


Acoustic Engineering & Sound Design

We work in every environment that require efficient and optimized acoustics.


We design, build and install noise monitoring networks based on cloud.


We realize dodecahedral and traditional sound diffusion systems entirely home made.


We work every day to make sure the world sounds better. The aim of our acoustic engineers are to create audio experiences that gift the guests with an atmosphere of comfort and exclusivity


df02 is an innovative omnidirectional loudspeaker perfect to have an uniform and defined distribution of the sound in multiple directions


News & Projects


There is never an end. There are always new sounds to imagine, new feelings to experiment

Do you want to experiment with new dimensions of sound?

Hearing is like no other sense. Sound has a direct and unfiltered influence on our emotions and, by extension, our well-being