Noise Vibration Cloud Hardware & Software

AMS01 is an advanced outdoor monitoring system based on an approved type class 1 Svantek sound level meter. The IP 65 rated case contains an innovative light weight LifeP04 battery. Its operating life can be extended connecting an external battery or a solar panel. The system provides broad band results as Leq, Max, Min and Peak with all standard weighting filters and an incredible long time history based on cloud and usb memory.


AMS1 is connected in real time to our portal where you can manage the station and you can check the time history, spectogram, real time images, GPS location, weather condition, download datas and information, set and manage alarms or any kind of warnings via SMS or email. You can also handle any back ups on ftp or other clouds.

noise vc 02.jpg
noise vc 01.jpg
Nicola Stocco